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The Worst Possible Way to Respond to a Negative Review

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The Worst Possible Way to Respond to a Negative Review
Photo Strangely-Brown / Flickr

We love a good response to a snarky customer review online, but we have to say that the Brick Kitchen and Bar in Carlisle went a little too far when it came to replying to a negative online review.

After slamming the customer who complained, the bar claimed their Facebook account was hacked, but as you can see from the comments, it seems the so-called hackers knew an awful lot about the business and surrounding restaurants. The restaurant seem to have since taken their Facebook page offline. 

Don’t get us wrong, we normally fall on the side of the restaurant owners in these matters, but this response is a little over the top.

Take a look at the entire conversation below and then take a look at this chef response to see how it should be done.

And then this... 

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