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Nathan Myhrvold's Google Talk on 'Modernist Cuisine'

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Nathan Myhrvold's Google Talk on 'Modernist Cuisine'
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In his Google talk, Nathan Myhrvold gives a tongue-in-cheek overview of his enclycopedic cookbook Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking and its follow up Modernist Cuisine at Home, which hit the market last month.

The books, which were co-authored by chef Maxime Bilet, have been deemed as culinary bibles and carry a hefty price tag (Modernist sells for $625 while Modernist at Home costs about $100). During this Google talk, Myhrvold tried to convince the crowd the books aren't as expensive as they sound.

He calculated that at $15.63 a pound (Modernist) and at $14.14 a pound (Modernist at Home), they are cheaper than a pound of Parmessan cheese, which costs about $19. ''If you love cheese, you should love this book - it's cheaper,'' he says in the video.

In his typical programmer fashion, he went as far as breaking down the cost of the books per recipe - Modernist costs 41cents a recipe while Modernist at Home costs a mere 35 cents a recipe.

Watch his talk below and prepare to be enlightened.

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