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Self-Sharpening NASA Knives

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Self-Sharpening NASA Knives

At the end of 2016 we brought you the news of Habitat, a new knife company that uses NASA inspired technology to produce a super sharp chef’s knife.

The knife, which is created using an ultra-hard metal alloy that was developed by Caltech and tested by NASA on several space flights, was hugely successful and raised a large amount of money on Kickstarter. As you can see from Durability Tests, the knives do perform well. 

Now the company is back with a second set of Santoku and Paring Knives created using the same innovative material. So far, in just a 37 days, they’ve raised $105,744 to produce the knives, which they claim will stay sharp five times longer than other knives.

Perhaps the boldest claim is that the knives actually sharpen themselves. This is thanks to something the company call “nano-serration” a “self-sharpening aspect of the microscopic teeth. As the knife is used, these tiny teeth are exposed and essentially sharpen themselves – and this is part of what allows the Habitat Kitchen Knives to retain their ultimate edge far longer than other knives.”

Take a closer look.

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