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London's First Naked Restaurant Has a Waiting List of 25,000 People

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London's First Naked Restaurant Has a Waiting List of 25,000 People

There’s a naked pop-up restaurant coming to London and it’s not a joke.

Adventurous Londoners are about to get a chance to dine in the buff at the city’s first ever naked restaurant.

Called The Bunyadi - named after a Hindi word meaning ‘natural’ - the three-month pop-up will offer guests the chance to “experience true liberation.”

Speaking to the The Washington Post, founder Seb Lyall said it’s a social experiment as well as a restaurant that has been stripped of all unnecessary, industrialsed items.

This means no artificial lighting, no plastics, metals or smartphone and an option of no clothing for the guests. Guests will eat with edible cutlery and candles will provide natural lighting. Pictures will be banned.

A picture of naked furniture posted on the project Facebook page. 

The website for the project promises “a secret Pangea-like world” and shows two sections within the restaurant, one for the ’non naked’ and another for the ‘naked and pure’.

The food will be be served as a five-course meal costing between $80 to $90, including wood-flame-grilled meats and vegan options.

Anyone questioning the popularity of such an idea should note there has been a serious amount of interest. The waiting list for tickets currently sits at over 25,000 people.

The idea of stripping a restaurant of modern trappings and trying to go back to a fully natural experience is an interesting idea and one that’s sure to offer a very different type of dining experience. Here’s hoping for gazpacho over soup.

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