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Paco Roncero's Multi-Sensory Workshop

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Paco Roncero's Multi-Sensory Workshop

Adding to the growing trend for Off The Plate experiences in food - the world famous chef Paco Roncero has created a multi-sensory workshop and dining space inside the Casino de Madrid building.

It's designed to mix relationships between food, shapes, light, color, sound, flavor and even temperature and looks like a restaurant from the future.

The space features diffusers in the ceiling that, as well as keeping the space at a perfect humidity, can spray special scents into the room during a meal to enhance the dining experience of visitors.

It seats nine people who can take notes directly on the ceramic table in the centre of the room - there's even a wall mounted with more than 200 different types of olive oil and a screen to display information about each.

The table vibrates and the entire room is designed to add a whole new sensory experience to food - something we've seen already with the Roca brothers plans for a culinary opera and the light and video installation at the Adria's 41 Degrees restaurant in Barcelona.

Unfortunately this is just a research area for the chef and guests can only be invited to dine there at the moment. An exciting project that we can't wait to see open to the public.

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