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Watch: Mugaritz's Bloody Trailer for Wild Game Macarons

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Watch: Mugaritz's Bloody Trailer for Wild Game Macarons
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The folks at Mugaritz are known for thinking outside the box. Remember when they all got naked and covered in mud? Well, now chef Andoni Luis Aduriz and his team have published another fun video - this time it's a dark and bloody trailer for the restaurant's wild game macaron.

The 4 minute video below cuts back and forth between a gorgeous female hunter in the wild and a chef in a modern kitchen. Both worlds intermingle as the ingredients for the macarons are gathered: a wild boar is killed, a pigeon is hunted, a river runs red with blood, and meat is cooked over an open flame.

It's a pretty intriguing video that makes you wonder just how delicious a wild game macaron can be. It reminded us of the restaurant's pig's blood macaron video, which debuted last year. Watch them both and decide which one you like best.

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