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WATCH: How Mugaritz Makes 'Scarlet Shrimp Perfume'

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WATCH: How Mugaritz Makes 'Scarlet Shrimp Perfume'
Photo Screenshot via Vimeo

The team at Mugartiz (sixth best restaurant in the world) has released a lovely video depicting the creation of one of the restaurant's most controversial dishes: Ice Shreds. Scarlet Shrimp Perfume.

Essentially shaved ice with a drizzle of concentrated shrimp liquid, the dish is described as ''melting snow kissed by a drop of blood" in the video below. Although it's visually stunning, the dish has had its fair share of lovers and haters, as the team explains on the restaurant blog:

"It provokes a clash of opinions and sentiments. Love or Hate, Satisfaction or Disappointment. Tension or Pleasure. One must walk the tight rope dividing these feelings before one decides where to fall."

Watch how its made:

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