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Here's A First Look at the New Mugaritz Menu

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Here's A First Look at the New Mugaritz Menu

Every new season, after closing for four months, Andoni Luis Aduriz and his Mugaritz restaurant team reemerge from their R&D lab with a whole new menu offering. The collection of dishes often tops 40 new creations, creations which are then refined throughout the season, only to be scrapped at the end as they get ready to start again.

It’s a gruelling and commendable way to run a restaurant and because of this, they’re pretty secretive about their newest menus. However, this year they’ve shared with us four of their newest dishes and a look at what the 2017 Mugaritz menu will focus on.

“More than 80 percent of dishes will not require cutlery,”says a note from the restaurant. “The new proposal is to play with the senses and to push prejudices aside.” Mugaritz is a truly avant-garde, contemporary dining experience, and ‘pushing prejudices aside’ is certainly something that diners have to do to get the most out of dining at the restaurant.

The new menu will “seek to question the logic of the culinary world and to provoke a reflection in all diners.” And how will they achieve this? Simple: “escape culturally acquired habits whose reasons we rarely question.”

Removing cutlery is one example of this, but the restaurant will also look to remove the notion of sweetness ending a meal, instead opting to punctuate dishes throughout a tasting with sweet notes. “It tears down the social preconception of the dessert”.

Below is an exclusive look at some of the new offerings from Mugaritz in 2017. A dining experience like no other.

An Oyster's Frozen Kiss

Pinenut 'Kagami' Embedded Ice Shavings 

Soldier Striped Shrimp from the Alboran Sea. 

Sprouted Chia Heart and Cream. 

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