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First Look at New Dishes from Mugaritz

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First Look at New Dishes from Mugaritz
Photo José Luis López de Zubiría

We brought you news last week of an exciting prize draw for a handful of lucky people to be in with the chance of tasting the first lunch of the new season at the Mugaritz restaurant.

Operated by chef Andoni Luis Aduriz, the restaurant closes for four months every year while the entire team turn their attention to the research and development of an entirely new tasting menu.

We weren’t lucky enough to win a ticket to the lunch, even if we applied with all our fingers crossed, however, we are able to bring you an exclusive look at three of the new menu items the team will be serving this year. 

As you can see, they’re all highly creative and all carry that unique Mugaritz touch. The restaurant will open again April 15th serving these dishes alongside an exciting mix of new creations. 

MOCHI BBQ: Mochi - A Japanese glutinous starch snack made with cooked rice, which is then scored and seared on the grill. It is served with the same skewers used for the barbecue. In order to add a sweet tone and acidic balance which helps the elastic texture of the piece, there is a mild vinegar dressing and syrup added. 

CREST OF THE ROOSTER: As the name suggests, this dish is made using the combs of the rooster which are cooked and dried until they acquire a natural state of crispiness. This is then placed on a base of coral or the red part of the heads of crustaceans. As attractive as it is tasty.

CHUFA NUT WITH CAVIAR: cold starch extracted from the ground tiger nut (also known as earth almonds), which is mixed with water allowing the finer sediment to be recovered and shaped into a biscuit. It is finished with a spoonful of Per Sé caviar. A balance of sweet, cold and salty.

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