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Oysters Among Most Hated Foods in Britain

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Oysters Among Most Hated Foods in Britain

Oysters, liver, anchovies, blue cheese, sushi, tofu, olives, licorice and marzipan are among those ingredients listed as the most disliked foods in Britain.

In a new study performed by the charity Save The Children, over 2000 adults were asked to list foods that they could not, or would not eat.

Seen by many as a luxury and an aphrodisiac, around 47% of those asked listed oysters as foods that they could not eat, this number increased  to 57% in women. This was closely followed by 46% of people saying they could not eat liver and 45% claiming that anchovy is a food they would avoid eating.

Others foods to make the list were tofu, black pudding and sushi but it seems that some people in Britain are still very adventurous eaters. 5% of the 2000 adults asked claimed that there is no food they wouldn't eat.

Let us know your thoughts, are there any foods that you will not eat?

  1. Oysters - 47%
  2. Liver - 46%
  3. Anchovies - 45%
  4. Tofu - 42%
  5. Black pud. - 39%
  6. Sushi - 37%
  7. Blue cheese - 34%
  8. Olives (right) - 33%
  9. Liquorice - 28%
  10. Marzipan - 26%


Via The Daily Mail

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