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The Kitchen that Costs $1.6 Million

By FDL on

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The Kitchen that Costs $1.6 Million

When you sit down and imagine you're perfect kitchen we're guessing that no matter how lavish you go you won't come anywhere near the the price tag of this $1.6 million kitchen.

Created by the Italian designer Claudio Celiberti the kitchen features a Murano crystal 'Island', Swarovski crystal chandelier, win climate cabinet and a fridge that comes encased in copper.

The stone work top alone costs more that $10,000 and comes with a range of hand crafted appliances that weigh in at around $40,000. This really is the world's most expensive kitchen.

With an eight month waiting list it's like something straight from the Sopranos and the hefty price tag suggests you may have to an actual crime lord to afford to buy one.

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