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Expensive Fish: The World's Most Expensive Fish

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Expensive Fish: The World's Most Expensive Fish

The world's most expensive fish was purchased by a businessman in Japan has made the record books recently. Kiyoshi Kimura, who owns a sushi restaurant chain, purchased the blue-fin tuna for a whopping £472,125 ($736,000). That's almost double the record set in 2011 at the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo

Japanese people consume fish at a startling rate with 80% of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans' blu-fin tuna being consumed in the country. And at half a million pounds for this haul it shows just how passionate the Japenese are about fish. For anyone struggling to comprehend this price tag here's a look at what you could buy with that kind of money

A Rolls Royce Phantom
This luxurious car comes in at a price tag of around £327,000 ($501,097) - leaving Kimura a tidy sum of £145,125 ($222,780) to play with - surely enough to buy some quality sushi

An Island in Brazil
For around £259.099 ($399,000) Kimura could have bought his own personal island in the bay of Angra Dos Reis, Brazil. Described as being in an ideal location, with fine sandy beaches, generator, portable water and remarkable views. The island even comes with a personal boat so Kimura could catch as much fish as he wanted. 

Zero Gravity - twice
According to Richard Branson's latest project, Virgin Galactic, it costs £130,285 ($200,000) for three days astronaut training, a trip to space and the opportunity to experience zero gravity. With two trips costing around £260,570 ($400,000), Kimura could take in a view of the world seen by only  few lucky people and still have £211,555 ($336,000) left - certainly enough for a fish supper on the way home.

Forever the businessman, Kimura is quoted as saying the fish will be cut into 10,000 pieces and sold for around £3.26 ($5) each in his sushi restaurants. But that still leaves a huge loss of around £423,426 ($650,000) making it safe to assume Kimura and the Japanese in general love their fish

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