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Mosaic Sushi is the Too Good to Eat Food Trend

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Mosaic Sushi is the Too Good to Eat Food Trend
Photo @natsuki_717/Instagram

Sushi is such a beautiful foodstuff – the vibrant pinks, yellows and greens, the pristine white rice, the shiny roe. Now, food lovers in Japan are upping the aesthetic stakes with elegant mosaic sushi.

Mosaic sushi is the food trend sweeping Japan that almost looks too good to eat. People have begun cutting their sushi into squares and arranging them in wildly colourful sushi mosaics that sit beautifully at the crossroads of art and food.

These sushi art creations are currently sweeping Instagram, which means you’ll soon be seeing them at your local sushi bar, we’re sure. But prepare to be ruthless when you do, because this mosaic sushi really does look too good to eat.

Check out more amazing pictures of mosaic sushi over on Instagram. We’re sure you’ll agree, this food trend beats other certain sushi trends of the summer, such as sushi doughnuts and sushi burger buns, hands down.

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