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Chefs Share 11 More Ridiculous Customer Complaints

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Chefs Share 11 More Ridiculous Customer Complaints
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We recently wrote about a great thread on the ChefTalk forum on which professional chefs shared some of the craziest and stupidest customer complaints they’d ever received – stuff like “My spaghetti is too short,” “This omelette tastes like egg” and “Can I have my calamari with less testicles?”

We asked you to share your own examples over on our Facebook page and had some great responses, so we've collected them together here. Check out 11 more of the most ridiculous customer complaints ever below. You won’t believe some of these!


Deasi Sutarlim

Why is my hamburger a patty? Where's the ham? *happened a few times too*


Adam Jonck

Too much tomato in the tomato soup ha ha.


Rishabh Gondnale

"Boss, I wanted hummus, this tastes like chickpeas."


Rio D. Ward

Had a BLT thrown at me (I was 15) because it had tomatoes on it. When I explained what BLT stood for he screamed, "BULLSHIT!," and stormed out. I'm guessing that the world is a confusing place for him.


Danny E Ray III

Your salsa is not watery enough and is too chunky, and your guacamole has too much avocado in it. Double facepalm.


Shirley Stirzaker

I had a lady send back the Buffalo wings she ordered, because she got chicken wings not Buffalo wings.


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Jonathan Lopez

Had customer send back both beef and tuna tartare. Both times they said they wanted them cooked.


Demi Stevens

Had a guest upset because the server brought a side of beans when she specifically asked for four more beans. Took the bowl to side station put four beans on a plate returned to guest. Her response, "Now how difficult was that?" Good times.


Cesar Adrian Reynosa

My crème brulée is cold you guys just burned the top.


Alejandro Ceballos

"This lamb doesn't taste like beef."


Cindy Flores Rodríguez

Orders Whole Grilled Snapper. (Sends back). Sorry Chef, customer don't like her fish to look at her while eating ... with a napkin covering the fish head.


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