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New York Restaurant Sells $8 Spicy Ice!

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New York Restaurant Sells $8 Spicy Ice!

Mission Chinese recently bought in their new menu curated by chef Danny Bowien. One appetizer on the menu stood out, the iced Sichuan water pickles. 

The icy appetizer seasoned with smoked habanero, caraway, and hibiscus cost $8 and sent social media users into a frenzy with many high profile writers weighing in on the dish.

New York food writer Helen Rosner posted her opinion in a thread starting with: "The $8 “water pickles” at MCF are a terrific high-contrast tool to see how and from what vectors we assign value to food as a retail good!". 


Read her full thread here.

Other users weren't so understanding.


Another user took to Yelp to share her experience and saying this about the dish: "The bowl was full of what looked like peach colored rock salt floating in magenta colored liquid."

Bowien later cleared up with Eater that the dish is a take on water kimchi: "The dish is a bowl of Napa cabbage, radish and hibiscus fermented in a water and salt brine, served with some of the pickling liquid and topped with pebble ice, tingling chili oil and aloe salt."

At least if you try the iced water pickles and you like it you know you can easily recreate it at home.

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