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105-Year-Old Woman: "It's All Thanks to Minestrone"

By FDL on

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105-Year-Old Woman: "It's All Thanks to Minestrone"
Photo Katrin Morenz / Flickr Diekatrin

The world's oldest sibling credits her good health and long life to a classic Italian dish.

Consolata Melis is 105 and joined by her brothers and sisters makes up the oldest group of siblings in the world with a combined age of 818.

Asked recently during her birthday, Mellis, who is from the small Italian town of Perdasdefogu, put her old age, good health and solid memory down to her favorite Italian dish of Minestrone soup - washed down with a glass of goat's milk.

Speaking with Business Insider, Mellis went on to recall her life during the war and how song, dance and the conviviality of Italian life has kept her fit, healthy and active.

With all this in mind here's FDL's very own tasty recipe for Minestrone Soup...

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