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Snack–Happy Millennials No Longer Eat Three Meals a Day

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Snack–Happy Millennials No Longer Eat Three Meals a Day
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Young people today are shunning the idea of three square meals a day in favour of snacking, new research into millennial food trends has found.

The report by market researchers Canadean found that 41% to 44% of people aged 18 to 34, the millennial demographic, snack regularly. It seems it’s very much a generational thing: this figure drops to 39% for the 35 to 44 age group, 31% for 44 to 55–year–olds and only 23% for the over 65s.


The reasons for this are various, according to Canadean, with millennials turning to snacks for nutrition and energy, to de-stress and for social reasons. This millennial food trend could, we argue, also be down to a rise in flexible working, the decline of manual labour and the erosion of family ties, but let's maybe save the in-depth sociology for another time.

Of course, the idea of three square meals is a relatively modern concept with its roots in the industrial revolution, and there are numerous arguments for eating multiple small meals a day, so this might not necessarily be a bad thing, especially if said snacks are healthy (unlike the awesome–looking, sugar–dusted doughnuts above).

This infographic shows how millennials are shaping the future of food

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