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Chef's Restaurant Recomendations from Taste of Milan

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Chef's Restaurant Recomendations from Taste of Milan
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The annual food festival Taste of Milan was back in Italy this weekend as thousands of hungry revelers headed to sample a cross section of dishes from some of the city's best restaurants.

Wicky Pyrian of the Wicuisine sushi restaurant stole the show, three times selling out of his special 16-hour, super soft, slow-cooked pork. On the last evening the Sri Lankan chef and his crew worked until 5am to make sure they didn't run out of their popular tuna burger, a dish that had sold out on two previous days.

Other exciting plates included a modern take on the classic caprese from the Italian chef Andrea Aprea who runs the VUN restaurant. His take on the classic Italian dish of mozzeralla, basic and tomato involved blowing a sugar based casing, similar to the methods employed in glass blowing, which was then filled with a light mozzarella foam. This sweet and creamy concoction was then placed on a bed of tomato, basil, anchovy and fresh cubes of mozzarella - a light and refreshing dish that mixed elements of sweet and sour perfectly.

FDL were at the festival to sample a whole load of delights and also managed to pick up some great dining tips from a selection of the chefs.

Wiky Piryan:

"I like Alice in Milan, if I have to suggest a dish I say Fagiolini. Another restaurant I really like is Trattoria Antico Gallo."

Marco Stabile:

"I would go at Filippo Saporito's restaurant, La Leggenda dei Frati, in a place between Florence and Siena".(Chianti)

"Filippo prepares some very local dishes, so you'll find a great pigeon and vegetables from his own garden."

Roberto Okabe:

"Go and eat at Wiky's restaurant in Milan, try Carpaccio dei 5 continenti."

Tommaso Arrigoni

"I suggest you to go at Enocratia in Milan and ask for Cervo in salsa di Lamponi."

Enrico Bartolini

"The first place I'd suggest is one of the most historic: Aimo e Nadia in Milan."

Cristian Milone

"I suggest Eugenio Jaques Boer in Milan and his Tartar di Cervo sulla pietra con salsa ai lamponi."

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