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Milan Design Week 2012: It's Time For A 'Food Surgery'

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Milan Design Week 2012: It's Time For A 'Food Surgery'

One of the not to be missed stops during Milan’s Design Week 2012, is Rossana Orlandi’s whismical garden and showroom in Via Matteo Bandello 14. Located in an old die factory that once produced silk garments, this inedited Art Design gallery is not just one of the best spaces where to discover the latest brave trends in design, but also an oasis where to relax and have an informal lunch during the days of Salone. Every year for the occasion, a team of volunteers that devote the earnings of their catering service to an association of young people in need, prepare home-made delicacies to be enjoyed at a garden furnished with art design items and vintage finds from Orlandi’s archive.

While Orlandi’s pop-up restaurant stays open for the whole week, Thursday 19th was the only day to experience Arabeschi di Latte’s latest collaboration with the Japanese furniture company Karimoku New Standard. The Italian food design collective prepared for the occasion a collection of Tokens: specially thought little dishes inspired by wood and trees. All recipes where prepared using elements of the trees, from fruit to bark, from leaves to wood. This way, visitors where invited to taste the Manna, a sap that comes out from the trunk and branches of the trees during the summer and has been used since antiquity or Necci, a delicacy from the mountains of Tuscany prepared with chestnut tree flour. For the occasion, Arabeschi di Latte also created a tiny cookbook containing wood and tree recipes, which was available for the visitors to take home.

At Hacked, an interactive experimental lab space located in La Rinascente department store for the whole design week, the food designers Sonja Stummerer & Martin Hablesreiter, better know as Honey & Bunny performed live to create a one-off edible sculpture. Entitled Food Operation 2012, their rebellious performance consisted in a surgery inspired cooking processes, where the bizarre duo cut, stitched and tasted food as if they where in an operating room.

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