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Watch Chefs Taste Microwave Meals

By FDL on

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Watch Chefs Taste Microwave Meals

Microwave dinners don’t have the best reputation in the culinary world, often soggy, tasteless, bland and sloppy - they’re certainly not what chefs like to call food.

This is why the next video, which asks a group of chefs to sit down and taste test a range of microwave meals, is so damn funny.

Chefs, at least the ones we know, have pretty exacting standards and it’s a laugh to see how the quick meals placed in front of them are reviewed.

The video is produced by Facts who have an entire series based on Irish people taste testing different foods.

Ok, the entire idea is silly but it’s fun to watch the chef’s react to their freshly microwaved meals. Check out this article to understand more on how microwaves actually cook food.

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