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The Ultimate Michelin USA Road Trip

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The Ultimate Michelin USA Road Trip

Many of us dream about taking a road trip across the US, sampling the different cuisines in every state along the route, but how about giving that trip a real fine dining edge by popping into a few Michelin star restaurants on the way? Or how about all of them?

This interactive map from Orbitz plots the shortest possible route between all the Michelin-starred restaurants in the US, in the four cities currently covered by the Guide: Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

It’s a route covering 3426 miles, and were you to have dinner in a different restaurant every night, it would take you five months in total to visit all 160 Michelin-starred restaurants.

But where would you start? San Francisco now has many three Michelin star restaurants as New York, while some are touting Washington, D.C. as the new capital of fine dining in the US. And Chicago? Well, so many great restaurants to try there – 22 with Michelin stars in total.

The only question is, will you run out of gas before your ride does?

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