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Michelin Main Cities of Europe 2013

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Michelin Main Cities of Europe 2013

The Michelin Guide for the Main Cities in Eurpope 2013 has been released. Including 44 cities in over 20 countries the guide is intended to offer advice on some of the best restaurants across Europe.

This year's Michelin Cities guide features a selection of  2,154 restaurants and 1,574 hotels. There were unfortunately no new three star restaurants on the list but the guide did feature nine new two-star restaurants and 50 new one-star venues.

There's still no third star for Rene Redzepi's Noma in Copenhagen. Many expected the restaurant to receive a third back in 2012 but it seems Michelin is content with the restaurants two-star rating.

The new guide features 15 restaurants (no new entries) with a three star rating, 80 restaurants (nine new entries) with a two-star rating and a whopping 309 restaurants (50 new entries) with a one-star rating.

Three stars signifies exceptional cuisine that's worth a special journey, two stars excellent cooking that's worth a detour, one star suggests a very good restaurant in its category.

The Michelin 2013 Main Cities Guide
is released on the 14th March including the Nordic region, Austria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Paris and other main cities of europe.

Below is a list of all those restaurants to receive new stars in 2013:

New 2-Star Restaurants
Geranium - Denmark COPENHAGEN
Tim Raue - Germany BERLIN
Seven Seas - Germany HAMBURG Süllberg
Villa Merton - Germany FRANKFURT
&samhoud places - Netherlands AMSTERDAM
Aan de Poel - Netherlands AMSTERDAM
Enoteca - Spain BARCELONA
Moments - Spain BARCELONA
Sketch (The Lecture Room & Library) - United Kingdom LONDON

New 1-Star Restaurants
Dom Beisl - Austria VIENNA
Va Doux Vent - Belgium BRUSSELS
Kadeau - Denmark COPENHAGEN
L’Effervescence - France LYONS
Le Sergent Recruteur - France PARIS
Itinéraires - France PARIS
L’Instant d’Or - France PARIS
Il Carpaccio - France PARIS
La Cuisine - France PARIS
Faubourg - France PARIS 114,
La Dame de Pic - France PARIS
Gavroche - France STRASBOURG
En Marge - France TOULOUSE
La poêle d’or - Germany COLOGNE
Weinsinn - Germany FRANKFURT
Lafleur - Germany FRANKFURT
Gourfleets - Germany HAMBURG
Schlossgarten Gourmetrestaurant Bernhard Diers - Germany STUTTGART
5 - Germany STUTTGART
Hytra - Greece ATHENS
Locks Brasserie - Ireland DUBLIN
Vun - Italy MILAN
La Terrazza - Italy ROME
Pipero al Rex - Italy ROME
Metamorfosi - Italy ROME
Magorabin - Italy TURIN
Vo - Italy TURIN
Bord’Eau - Netherlands AMSTERDAM
HanTing Cuisine - Netherlands THE HAGUE
Atelier Amaro - Poland WARSAW
Belcanto - Portugal LISBON
Lluerna - Spain BARCELONA
Koy Shunka - Spain BARCELONA
Nectari - Spain BARCELONA
Dos Palillos - Spain BARCELONA
Ricard Camarena - Spain VALENCIA
Gastrologik - Sweden, STOCKHOLM
Ekstedt - Sweden, STOCKHOLM
Sjömagasinet - Sweden, GOTHENBURG
Alyn Williams at the Westbury - United Kingdom LONDON
St John - United Kingdom LONDON
Dabbous - United Kingdom LONDON
Trishna - United Kingdom LONDON
Launceston Place - United Kingdom LONDON
Tom Aikens - United Kingdom LONDON
St John - United Kingdom LONDON
Medlar - United Kingdom LONDON

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