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Michelin Guide Website Hijacked by Prankster

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Michelin Guide Website Hijacked by Prankster

It seems the Michelin Guide have fallen foul to an internet prankster after they failed to register the website domain name

Step up British born Adam Mascall who managed to register the domain for just over $9 before starting his very own site called Michel in Guides.

Mascall's website is dedicated to footballer Michel Platini and features a range of shots with Platini's head plastered within different guides. Platini as a girl guide, Platini in a gardening guide, Platini in The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy.

It's easy to see the funny side of the prank and even Michelin say they appreciate the humor but they have sent Mascall a letter explaining that the trademark for Michelin Guides belongs to them.

Who knows how this one ends up but we're pretty sure someone at Michelin is in a fair bit of bother after not reregistering their domain.


Via The Sun

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