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Michelin Guide to Italy 2018 – the New Stars

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Michelin Guide to Italy 2018 – the New Stars

The Michelin Guide to Italy 2018 has been released and the big news is that there is a new three-Michelin-star restaurant for gastronomes to get excited about. 

Chef Norbert Niederkofler's St Hubertus, which is located in San Cassiano in the shadow of the Dolomites, close to the border with Austria, joins the now nine-strong, three-star club, having held two Michelin stars since 2007.

There are also three new, two star restaurants on the list – Vun in Milan, Magnolia in Cesenatico, and La Siriola, also in San Cassiano – and 22 new stars. That means Italy now has a total of 356 stars, second only to France

In other big news, both Carlo Cracco and Claudio Sadler have been demoted from two to one star at their eponymous restaurants in Milan. 

Take a look at all the new stars below.

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New Three Star

St Hubertus – San Cassiano

New Two Stars

Magnolia – Cesenatico

La Siriola – San Cassiano

Vun – Milan

New One Stars

All'Oro – Rome

Berton Al Lago – Torno

Contraste – Milan

Culinaria – Tirolo – Montepagano

Essenza – Milan

Florian Maison – San Paolo d'Argon

Glam - Venice

I Due Buoi – Alessandria

Il Refettorio – Salerno

Larossa – Alba

La Sera – Positano

La Terrazza – Rome

Locanda del Borgo – Telese Terme

Osteria Arborina – Annunziata

Osteria Perilla – Castiglione d'Orcia

Poggio Rosso – Castelnuovo Berardenga

Stube Gourmet – Asiago

Tordomatto – Rome

Trussardi alla Scala – Milan

Undicesimo Vineria – Treviso

Villa Giulia – Gargnano

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