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Michelin Cities of Europe Guide for 2018

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Michelin Cities of Europe Guide for 2018

The 37th selection of the Michelin Main Cities of Europe guide has been announced listing an impressive 2,108 restaurants across 36 cities in 20 countries for 2018.

The publication serves as a comprehensive travel companion to business travellers and holiday makers eating their way around Europe, particularly as it includes countries that don't yet have their own dedicated guide, like Hungary, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic and Greece.

A total of 58 #MichelinStars were newly awarded in this edition, raising the total to 380 one star restaurants.

Meanwhile, in Hungary, restaurant Onyx in Budapest, became the first ever restaurant in the city to be awarded two Michelin stars.

Austria's capital city, Vienna also served well with one new two Michelin star restaurant: Konstantin Filippou, and four new restaurants were awarded one Michelin star in the city: Blue Mustard, Das Loft, Pramerl & the Wolf, and SHIKI.

We'll bring you news of the full list as it becomes available.



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