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Cooking Mexican Food in the Slow Cooker

By FDL on

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Cooking Mexican Food in the Slow Cooker

Mexican cuisine is all the rage - not the sweaty fast food tacos but good quality, well cooked, homemade traditional recipes.

Ferran Adria has announced his plans to open a Mexican restaurant in Barcelona and the chef believes that Latin American food is the next big culinary trend.

To match the growing interest in Mexican food a lot of recipe books are being launched and one of them is from cookbook author Deborah Schneider.  In it she offers recipes on how to cook Mexican dishes in the slow cooker.

Tortilla Soup, Zesty Shredded Beef and tamales are just some of the recipes tackled in the book and although Mexican food wouldn't traditionally call for the use of a slow cooker - the ease of use and flavor packed dishes a slow cooker can offer works well with this style of cuisine.

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  • Ben the Crock Pot King said on

    I have this book on my site ,, and it's worth getting!!! Ponit Blank!!!! Crock Pot King resides in Los Angeles, and let me tell you something even though I live in Los Angeles, it is very difficult to find quality mexican food. I also have a ton of mexican old school friends and we all agree on that it's hard to find good quality! All latin foods have to be done with gusto, and that means flavor, food is something, and should be cooked from the heart! And not simply slapping something together!!!
    Also bravo on the site!!! EXCEPTIONAL!!!

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