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Enrique Olvera and His 300-Day-Old Mole

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Enrique Olvera and His 300-Day-Old Mole

To coincide with the announcement of dates and a theme of "what's cooking" for the MAD Symposium 2014, the Mexican chef Enrique Olvera has posted a great piece on the Mad Feed discussing his 300-day-old mole. Mole is a traditional Mexican sauce that's made using a wide range of ingredients: garlic, chili, tomato, onions, dry fruits, sometimes chocolate. Cooked together over time these ingredients form a unique sauce and flavor that forms the base of many Mexican dishes.

In his post Olvera discusses how he and his team approached cooking a mole at their Pujol restaurant and how during their research the idea of a living mole surfaced.

And that's when they created what is now a 300-day-old mole - one the chef claims lives and breaths. Sometimes happy with a bright tasting, other days sad with a bitter edge.

He talks about how the sauce is constantly added to, taking on new characteristics with each new ingredient it encounters. It's a great piece and a great look at the exactly what's cooking in Enrique Olvera's kitchen right now.

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