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Holy Guacamole: Americans Consuming More Mexican Hass Avocados

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Holy Guacamole: Americans Consuming More Mexican Hass Avocados
Photo Olle Svensson/Flickr

Blame it on the guacamole. They may have bumpy skin, but there is something in Mexican Hass avocados that has captivated Americans - so much so that the nation's consumption of the creamy wonder has skyrocketed.

Americans are consuming twice as many Mexican Hass avocados than they were six years ago. Just how many hass avocados is that? The Huffington Post reports that back in 2005, the U.S. consumed an estimated 8 million pounds of avocado. In 2011, Americans reportedly ate over 1 billion avocados, which represents a 42 percent increase.

So what it is about Mexican Hass avocados that makes them so irresistible? For one, they are creamy. Secondly, avocados are full of healthy unsaturated fats and are low in cholesterol, according to the California Avocado Commission.

Aside from their delicious flavor, the availability of Mexican Hass avocados has drastically increased. California was once the nation's only producer but great strides have been made in trade between Mexico and the United States. Now, there are avocados everywhere - sandwiches, fast food restaurants, salads, soups and seafood and meat dishes.

Will the trend continue? We're not sure, but until then, you can have some fun with this groovy video recipe for guacamole.

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