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Mesa Redonda: It's Time to Critique the Culinary Industry

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Mesa Redonda: It's Time to Critique the Culinary Industry

Big news from Mexico as the team behind Mesamerica, the annual food event organised by chef Enrique Olvera, have announced a new event called Mesa Redonda - a round table discussion involving some of the biggest names in gastronomy.

The likes of Michel Bras, Alex Atala and the writer Ruth Reichl will all be on hand during the debates as the round table encourages industry leaders to take the opportunity to ‘critique our current culinary reality’.

There will be a wide mix of topics up for discussion as Atala covers social responsibility and people like Nicola Twilley, US editor of Edible Geography and host of Gastropod, question what we all deem to be sustainable.

The event will bring together chefs, journalists, historians and academics from many disciplines, offering multiple angles from many facets of the food profession.

Speaking about the new event, Olvera said: “Gastronomy occupies ever-increasing dimensions. We are fortunate to be part of a reality that up until recently was unimaginable. It is necessary to critique this context, to pose uncomfortable questions, about what we do and why we do it. Hence the opportune space for sincere dialogue.”

The dialogue promises to be fiery, honest and, most importantly, critical - a self analysis and constructive conversation that every industry, not just food, would benefit from having.

More names are set to be announced and with the event coinsiding with Latin America's 50 Best Resturants, we expect a huge group of amazing chefs to be adding their opinions to the debates. 

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