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Dine and Jump: Four Men Leap from Restaurant Balcony in Melbourne

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Dine and Jump: Four Men Leap from Restaurant Balcony in Melbourne
Photo Stevage / Wikimedia

A group of men have leapt from a restaurant balcony in Australia leaving behind an unpaid bill for four cocktails. The men entered the Luis bar on the 55 floor of Melbourne’s Rialto tower. Dressed in suits they each ordered negroni cocktails. The group then went to the toilet before emerging with parachutes on their backs.

They calmly walked to the balcony, closed the door so no one could stop them and helped each other over the glass fence. They then proceeded to base jump (an act of extreme sport in which people jump from surfaces wearing parachutes)  the 250m ascent before getting into a waiting car and fleeing the scene.

The men have not yet been identified but the the bar is fitted with 16 cameras and the restaurant owner, Shannon Bennett, believes authorities will find out who it was.

Police are convinced it was a stunt by profession Base Jumpers, who all wore helmets with cameras attached. Mr Bennet has assured media that this was not an elaborate PR stunt to promote the restaurant but with the amount of coverage they're currently receiving, it would be a good one if it was.

There's been lots of stories emerging lately of diners exiting restaurants without paying, but this has to be one of the most elaborate ways to 'dine and dash' we've ever heard of at FDL HQ.

Source: The Age

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