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Cooking, Seasoning and Aging Meat with Heston Blumenthal

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Cooking, Seasoning and Aging Meat with Heston Blumenthal

The British chef Heston Blumenthal who runs Dinner and The Fat Duck Restaurant in England has sat down with The Sydney Morning Herald to offer up some of his top tips on how to cook, season and age meat correctly.

The chef is famous for his technical understanding of cooking processes and has already had a successful TV show in the UK in which he passed on tricks and tips relating to specific ingredients such as chocolate, eggs and meat.

His approach in understanding the basic processes that take place during cooking mean he is good at passing on knowledge to others and this guide on meat is a fine example of this.

Blumenthal first discusses the importance of temperature, both the temperature at which the meat is cooked and also the temp at which it is rested before cooking - an important factor that is often overlooked by home cooks. After this he discusses seasoning and how it's important to cover all the bases when seasoning meat - sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami. Finally the chef looks at aging meat and how this improves the taste of meat.

The piece finished with some words on Molecular Gastronomy - a discipline the chef has been wrongly linked to for quite some time now.

If this guide gets your meat juices flowing then take a look at this infographic on cooking the perfect steak. 

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