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McPasta Invades Italy

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McPasta Invades Italy
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Italian cuisine has always been linked to romanticism. There's just something about a perfectly cooked plate of pasta al dente, a glass of fine wine and a Mediterranean sunset that just captures people's heart. McDonald's executives know this all too well and want to cash in on a slice of the pie too.

The Guardian reports the fast food giant has paired up with Barilla pasta makers to launch the McPasta, which debuts at franchises across Italy today. McPasta is described as pennette pasta with ''a blanced and skillful mix of tuna, tomatoes, peppers, capers and olives, seasoned with a pinch of oregano and salt.'' The item has yet to be added to McDonald's Italia online menu.

Barilla is a fourth-generation company headquared in Parma, a city also home to Parmesan cheese. This venture brings McDonald's ''nearer to the Mediterranean model of eating,'' Barilla executives told The Guardian.

The mega-deal has been critized by some local media but it's not the first time McDonald's has taken heat over effots to Italianize its menu. McDonald's Italy currently sells a range of panini including one with focaccia and mortadella.

The McPasta bowl will sell for 4.90 euro a piece. Want to eat something fresh and homemade? We recommend this pasta salad with tuna, tomatoes and arugula.

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