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Matt Orlando: Will Restaurants Pay Tax on Their Waste?

By FDL on

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We’re constantly trying to look at the restaurant industry at FDL HQ, how it’s developing and how it might continue to develop in the future. The food industry and fine dining especially is constantly shifting, making the job of predicting what will happen next a tough task.

One trend that can be counted on in the future is that restaurants will be expected, by consumers and by law makers, to reduce as much as possible the impact they have on the environment. To lessen their carbon emissions, their waste, to reduce their use of water, electricity and gas - it’s already happening.

This is the idea behind Matt Orlando’s recent presentation at Food on The Edge - a two day food symposium in Ireland.

Orlando, who runs the Amass restaurant in Copenhagen, used his presentation to really look at what the restaurant of the future might look like, how it might operate and how he believes it might be regulated in the future. 

It’s all purely hypothetical but we agree with many of the points the chef raises. That restaurants could well find themselves paying a tax on their waste, on the number of seats they have, how close they source ingredients, on how much of a closed loop system they create and how much brown fill land they can help to ‘reincarnate’.

This is an honest and frank assessment of how fine dining might look in the future and it’s worth watching for anyone who works in the industry.


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