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Massimo Bottura Wants to Open a Restaurant in America

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Massimo Bottura Wants to Open a Restaurant in America
Photo Osteria Francescana

His restaurant Osteria Francescana is currently number one on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list but that doesn't mean chef Massimo Bottura is resting on his laurels. The superstar Italian chef has his eyes set on opening a new restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Bottura plans to open a Los Angeles-based restaurant in collaboration with Gucci CEO Marco Bizarri, according to Eater. The restaurant would be the chef's second collaboration with the Italian fashion house and would be modeled after the Gucci Osteria di Massimo Bottura which opened in Florence, Italy earlier this year.

Bottura said he is deciding whether to open the restaurant in Beverly Hills or Tokyo's Ginza district.

“Gucci has a rooftop on Rodeo Drive in the store, with a private entrance,” he told Eater. “It’s an amazing building. The way we are playing in Florence is the same way Gucci is playing with fashion. Taking details from the past 70 years and matching with new ideas to create a new aesthetic. A new fashion. A new word. Pushing boundaries. We are playing in the same way at Osteria Gucci.”

Bottura has made a name for himself with his unique spin on traditional Italian cuisine. Some of his most outstanding recipes include croccantino di foie gras  (a type of sweet and savory popsicle) pictured above.

If you are curious to know more about Gucci Osteria, take a look at these 20+ pictures of dishes from the restaurant in Florence.

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