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Massimo Bottura Launches Identità Expo S.Pellegrino Restaurant | Video

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Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura has kicked off the Identità Expo S.Pellegrino Restaurant at Expo Milan 2015.  The chef of Osteria Francescana, along with Identità Golose and S.Pellegrino, is leading the gourmet movement at the international event where more than 200 Italian and foreign chefs will devote the next six months to the cause of haute cuisine, experimentation and reflection on the food. 

Bottura has designed a special menu for the event, consisting of zero waste dishes drenched, as always, in art and Emilian cooking tradition: in this exclusive video we show you some moments of this debut, what's happening at Expo Milano 2015 and a peek inside in the kitchen with Bottura and his brigade. We asked the chef to tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind his dishes and special dessert for the Expo called Bread is Gold. He also filled us in on what he hopes this great international event will accomplish.

Bottura is one of many chefs participating at Identità Expo. Here's a calendar of events and the key figures participating this week:

May 4th 
Fratelli Costardi (12.30 and 14.00)
Cucina del mondo - Victoire Gouloubi (17.00)
Cena col menu di Identità Expo (19.30 and 21.00)

May 5th
Fratelli Costardi (12.30 and 14.00)
Identità Giovani - Enrico Panero (16.00)
Cena col menu di Identità Expo (19.30 and 21.00)

May 6th 
Ugo Alciati (12.30 and 14.00)
Presentazione al pubblico di Ugo Alciati (16.00)
Identità di Pizza - Simone Padoan (17.00)
Ugo Alciati (19.30 and 21.00)

May 7th
Ugo Alciati (12.30 and 14.00)
Identità Milano - Taglio (16.00)
Identità Libri - Paolo Marchi (18.00)
Ugo Alciati (19.30 and 21.00)

May 8th
Ugo Alciati (12.30 and 14.00)
Identità di Pasta - Christian Milone (17.00)
Ugo Alciati (19.30 and 21.00)

May 9th
Ugo Alciati (12.30 and 14.00)
Identità naturali - Pietro Leemann (16.00)
Ugo Alciati (19.30 and 21.00)

May 10th
Ugo Alciati e Matias Perdomo (12.30 and 14.00)
Scuola di Cucina - Sweet and Vegan (16.00)
Ugo Alciati (19.30 and 21.00)

To reserve a spot at one of the special lunches or dinners, and to see the full Identità Expo program head on over to the Identità Golose website.
Photo credit: ©Brambilla/Serrani Photo credit for dishes in the video: ©Brambilla/Serrani

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