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Bottura Named Best Chef In Italy

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Bottura Named Best Chef In Italy
Photo Porzioni Cremona

Massimo Bottura has been crowned the king of Italian chefs for his impeccably exquisite cuisine at Osteria Francescana, his Modena restaurant which has been recognized as the best in Italy.

The honor was bestowed upon the chef by Guida Espresso, a prestigious guide published by ''Espresso'' publishing group - the same company that publishes Italy's leading newspaper La Reppublica.

The guide rated Bottura's restaurant at 19.75 out of a possible 20 points, making it the best in Italy for the second year in a row. The chef was surpassed only by a wine: the famed Brunello di Montalcino Riserva Poggio di Sotto, which obtained a perfect score.

As successful as Bottura has been, La Reppublica's Licia Granello rightly recognizes and attributes the chef's success to his culinary brigade. The publication underlines that while Bottura is a creative genius, the key to his success has been buiding a solid team with his leadership. This is the only way a chef of his stature can travel the world participating in different events while still churning out great dishes from his restaurant.

Osteria Francescana ranks 5th on the Word's 50 Best Restaurants list.


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