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These Marshmallow Flowers Open Inside Your Cup

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These Marshmallow Flowers Open Inside Your Cup

Dominique Ansel is striking again and this time it’s with a hot beverage. The French pastry chef, who became famous when his Cronut creation became the must try food of New York, has launched his latest creation, a blooming marshmallow that sits inside a hot chocolate.

The video below, from Insider, shows how Ansel’s newest idea is a clever marshmallow flower design that opens when it hits the warm chocolate in the drink.

The finished result is a beautiful flower floating on top of the chocolate, and anyone with child like curiosity will tell you, melting marshmallow inside hot chocolate is delicious.

The creation, which is currently only being served at Ansel’s new Tokyo Bakery, is made using melted Valrhona dark chocolate. There’s also a little chocolate truffle which makes up the centre of the marshmallow flower.

We want one.

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