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WATCH: Mario Batali Makes Pasta in a Paper Shredder

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WATCH: Mario Batali Makes Pasta in a Paper Shredder
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If there's one thing you should know about chefs is that they are not like regular people. They don't hold a 9-to-5 and don't really mesh with the whole cubicle thing. So what would happen if you stick a few chefs in an office? This fun video from Food & Wine gives the world a glimpse of the disaster that would ensue.

Here's the premise of the video:

"For 2014, Food & Wine revealed a redesigned magazine and introduced Chefs-in-Residence: six celebrity chefs who will consult on monthly features, recipes and travel tips. They have brilliant ideas, but don't always gel with office life."

Who made the cut? Food & Wine's new chefs-in-residence are Grant Achatz, Mario Batali, Hugh Acherson, Eric Ripert, David Chang and Andrew Zimmern (who appears in the second video below). Together, they wreak havoc in the magazine's office space. 

Their wild antics include scaling a fish at a cubicle (Ripert), stepping onto an elevator with a pig's head in hand (Chang) and making fresh pasta in a paper shredder (Batali). Another gem is watching Acherson slap a vending machine snack out of the hands of an office worker because it's "not local." 

Give the video a watch and keep an eye out for a cameo by the Mast Brothers:

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