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Marco Pierre White Snubs Michelin Again

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Marco Pierre White Snubs Michelin Again
Photo YouTube/Aiden Marples

Chef and restaurateur Marco Pierre White, who famously asked to return his Michelin stars back in 1999, has again snubbed the Michelin Guide, he says.

Speaking to Channel News Asia, Pierre White said the famous French tyre company had written to him to ask if he would like his new restaurant and hotel, The English House, in Singapore, his first foray into Asia, to be included in any future guides.

The famously fiery chef says he declined, “Because I don’t need Michelin and they don’t need me. They sell tyres, I sell food,” before adding, “Not one Michelin inspector in the world knows more about food than me, so why do I need to be judged by people who have less knowledge than me?”

Pierre White became the youngest ever chef at the the time to be awarded three-Michelin-stars, at his eponymous restaurant in London in 1994, but later became disolussioned with Michelin and requested to give up his stars.

He also questioned Michelin’s recent decision to award stars to Singapore hawker stalls, arguing that the Guide was in fact doing the hawkers a “disservice” by not rewarding them all.

Watch the most recent interview below.

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