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Marco Pierre White's "little" Problem

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Marco Pierre White's "little" Problem

Here’s a funny compilation of clips from a television show from the 80s of Marco Pierre White, a legend in the culinary world, who earned three Michelin stars by the age of 33. Although he is generally famous for his sharp tongue and the use of the word 'f**k', from this funny video, it looks like White has another favourite word.  

In the hilarious vid below, someone has edited hours of footage from White’s famous television show, watch as he falls back on his preferred food descriptive word of choice.

The chef famously renounced his stars and also requested that the Michelin Guide does not send inspectors to his new Singapore restaurant. He told the Guardian: “people who gave me Michelin stars had less knowledge than me. You have to place a value on something that is given to you: that’s why it was so easy for me to walk away. They had no value for me.”

Take a look at the 3-minute clip and see if you can keep track of the amount of times White says little.


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