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Marco Pierre White Shuts Down Rude Interviewer

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Marco Pierre White Shuts Down Rude Interviewer
Photo Marco Pierre White/Facebook

As a younger chef, Marco Pierre White was almost as famous for his temper as his three Michelin star cooking, whether throwing hot pans at Mario Batali (see video further down), or when training protégé Gordon Ramsay.

The clip below, which has been floating around for a while, finds an older Pierre White in a somewhat mellower mood. It’s taken from an interview at an Australian radio station roughly three years ago. The cringe-worthy presenter is straight out rude to the British chef, but rather than lose his temper, Pierre White cuts the interview short in a calm manner, but there's no mistaking who's in charge – the chef is polite, but you can feel the menace in his voice as it gets lower and slower.

Have a listen. You can almost hear the DJ quaking as Pierre White admonishes and no doubt fixes him with an icy glare. Oh to be a fly on the wall in that radio studio.

Watch Marco Pierre White make perfect crackling



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  • PieterJ said on

    Please people ... this one has a beard. The radio fragment is from 2013!

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