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Man Resigns on a Cake

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Man Resigns on a Cake

We've all thought about doing it. Heading to the office only to tell the entire team we're leaving, handing in the resignation. Heading for greener pastures, concentrating on our passion, family, better opportunities perhaps.

You may plan it in your head as some huge dramatic walkout - telling your boss exactly what you think of him or her before exiting in a Jerry Maguire, "who's coming with me", fashion. Heading for the door, alone of course, except for the office goldfish which, seen as though your were the only one who fed it, only seems right.

However you dream of walking out on your job, the truth of the matter is most of us will never have the courage to leave a secure job - let alone do it in any grand gesture style. That's exactly why we love it when someone else does.

Like 31-year-old Chris Holmes who on his birthday decided to resign from his job by icing his resignation on top of a cake. The father and avid cake maker told management at the Border Force where he worked in the UK that after having a baby and realizing how precious life really is that he must leave the job to concentrate on his passion...which is? Yes, you guessed it, making cakes.

Holmes finished the letter by suggesting the entire team enjoy the cake and, if they did, to please remember they could order more from his Mr Cake website. The picture has already gone viral on twitter being shared by the food writer Jay Raynor and a number of other influential tweeters.

Replying to a number of requests on twitter Holmes said that he had planned to bake cakes all day but that things have now gone "properly mental". He claims that all he did was place the picture on his own personal Facebook page and it somehow went viral. It seems there's a message on a cake in all of us.

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