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Man Finds Australia's Largest Ever Black Truffle

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Man Finds Australia's Largest Ever Black Truffle

The largest black truffle ever found in Australia has been dug up by a man in New South Wales and weighs 1.172kg.

The huge black truffle was discovered by Ted Smith who was out hunting with his dog. He told ABC News that, “I knew it was big but it was only when I got back to the homestead here, washed it, cleaned it, dried it and weighed it, it went off the Richter on the measuring device that I had and set off an alarm.”

It’s reported by Good Food that the truffle was purchased by chef Robin Murray who bought the haul for between a ‘little less than his original asking price of $2500’.

The truffle is a record find in Australia but falls just shy of the World Record after a 1.3kg black truffle was found in France back in 2012.

However high the price may sound it’s nothing compared with the cost of the much rarer white truffle, found in Italy. At a recent auction in Alba a bidder from Asia paid $120,000 for a twin white truffle weighing 950 grams.


Via The Guardian 


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