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Man Denies Opening Restaurant in Home, Despite the Sign Outside!

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Man Denies Opening Restaurant in Home, Despite the Sign Outside!
Photo Image: TripAdvisor

A Norwich man has denied opening a restaurant in his house despite neighbors complaining that there was a huge sign above his door saying ‘Orlando’s’ and a flyer published on Facebook inviting customers to ‘book a table for sushi’ and ‘open EVERYDAY from 16.00 to 22.00’.

Orlando Williams, who lives at the address, formerly ran a Japanese restaurant called Sakura Yakiniku which claimed to have reopened after temporary closure on its social media.

When asked about the sign by the Eastern Daily Press newspaper, Williams reportedly said: “All I do, I have my name on my house. There is no restaurant there.”

When is a restaurant not restaurant? When it is not there, just a sign above a door.

Norwich Council said they are in the middle of an ongoing investigation, however, they would need to observe the alleged restaurant in action in order to bring any kind of charges over planning or food safety and since there is no restaurant there, there’s nothing to see! 

A Norwich city council spokesman said: “We’re in the middle of two ongoing investigations into possible breaches of planning and food safety regulations, which may have legal consequences, so we can’t provide specific details which may form part of this investigation and which could jeopardise the case.”

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