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Maker's Mark Won't Water Down Bourbon

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Maker's Mark Won't Water Down Bourbon
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After just one week of announcing plans to water down their bourbon, the producers of Maker's Mark are overturning that decision because it did not go down well with costumers.

Fans of the square-bottled Kentucky bourbon were outraged that company officials would lower the alcohol content in each bottle from 90 to 84 proof. Concerned about flavor and quality, customers used social networking to express their outrage, forcing company officials to rethink their choice. Fittingly, the company announced their change of heart on Twitter with these four words: ''You spoke. We listened.''

Originally, the company opted for watering down their bourbon to deal with a shortage of whisky. In an initial letter to customers, chief operating officer Rob Samuels guaranteed the flavor of the bourbon would not change. However, that was not enough to convince them. ''They would rather put up with the occasional supply shortage than put up with any change in their hand-made bourbon,'' Samuels told the New York Post.

The change would have meant the original recipe would remain the same, except for a ''touch more water.'' Of course, fans would have none of it.

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