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Maker's Mark Watered Down Bourboun Stirs Outcry

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Maker's Mark Watered Down Bourboun Stirs Outcry
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Whisky drinkers of the world are up in arms over the announcement that the producers of Maker's Mark Kentucy Bourboun Whisky are watering down their recipe.

Since the company cannot keep up with demand and didn't want to increase the price per bottle they opted for reducing the alcohol content per volume from 90 to 84 proof. In other words, there's more water in your whiskey now.

The news of this whisky catastrophe has not sat well with drinkers who are worried about the flavor and potency of their beloved drink. What will happen when they order it on the rocks? Are they doomed to always have it neat?

The problem is that whiskey has to be aged in barrles for two years and the company simply wasn't making enough of it. Maker's Mark chief operating officer Rob Samuels explained it all in a letter to customers.

Here's an excerpt from the letter, in which Samuels emphasizes the recipe and quality of ingredients remains the same:

''We have both tasted it extensively, and it’s completely consistent with the taste profile our founder/dad/grandfather, Bill Samuels, Sr., created nearly 60 years ago. We’ve also done extensive testing with Maker’s Mark drinkers, and they couldn’t tell a difference.

Nothing about how we handcraft Maker’s Mark has changed, from the use of locally sourced soft red winter wheat as the flavor grain, to aging the whisky to taste in air-dried American white oak barrels, to rotating our barrels during maturation, to hand-dipping every bottle in our signature red wax.

In other words, we’ve made sure we didn’t screw up your whisky.''

It's a tough sell but the company promises drinkers won't be able to tell the difference. Only time will tell how this change affects the business.

Do you think the company made the right move? Tell us in the comments below.

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