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Tricks to Make Wine Taste Better

By FDL on

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Tricks to Make Wine Taste Better

We’ve all heard of decanting wine to give it a better taste but what about putting it in a blender? The Wall Street Journal have compiled a video with some of their own suggestions on how to make wine taste better.

They have three interesting tricks, one - placing a spoon in bubbly to keep it extra fizzy - is one that most people have heard of, but the other two are a bit more unique.

The first is a way to take away doe of the bad flavour associated with a corked wine, the second is a way to quickly decant wine - an almost extreme decant inside a blender.

The blender move might seem a bit crazy but as you can see in the video, it’s actually suggested by the author of the Modernist Cuisine cookbook, Nathan Myhrvold. It's also worth noting that it's only suggested for certain types of wine. 


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