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Hi-Tech Cheese and Microwave Cakes

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Hi-Tech Cheese and Microwave Cakes
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Scott Heimendinger is part of the team behind the 6 volume modernist cuisine cookbook and more recently the modernist cuisine at home recipe book has been working with on a new series all about modernist cooking techniques.

In previous videos Scott has show the Chow Hound team how to make super fluffy cake using a standard cake mix and the microwave.

Most recently Scott has done a video on hi-tech cheese for a brand new Chow series called Mdrn Ktchn. He uses sodium citrate, an emulsifying salt made using citrus, to make ultra smooth cheese that's evenly textured without any oily separation.

It looks like the start of a a great video series that will offer some unique kitchen tips to try at home, Scott and the Modernist Cuisine team have also launched a free online school in which people can learn modernist cooking techniques online - the first lectures are on Sous Vide cooking techniques.

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