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The Mind of a Chef: Magnus Nilsson - Full Episode

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The Mind of a Chef: Magnus Nilsson - Full Episode

The latest episode of The Mind of a Chef, focusing on the work of Magnus Nilsson at his Fäviken restaurant in Sweden, has been made available to stream online by PBS.

The 25 minute episode sees Nilsson explain what ‘winter’ means to him and how as he uses the dark and cold months as a way to be creative.

Nilsson goes through many of his dishes, the techniques he uses to store ingredients during the harsh winters in Sweden.

The video also features a trip with a clam diver who takes the cameras underwater, into his world of hand diving for wonderfully ‘sweet umami from the sea’.

Nilsson explains how he works with the clams at the restaurant before taking the crew ice fishing - it's a wonderful look behind the scenes at one of the world's most unique restaurants, enjoy. You can watch the full video here. 

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