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Want to eat at Magnus Nilsson’s Pop-up Restaurant Kabin 1274? Here’s how

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Want to eat at Magnus Nilsson’s Pop-up Restaurant Kabin 1274? Here’s how

Chef Magnus Nilsson of Fäviken Magasinet, is hosting dinner in a unique pop-up restaurant in Åre, Sweden suspended in a cable car - “Kabin 1274”.

This Easter, from April 20-22, Nilsson will team up with clean energy company Fortum, to create a once in a lifetime dining experience, served in the Åre Kabinbanan ski lift, peaking at the Åreskutan mountain at 1274m.

Kabin 1274 is a celebration of those who’ve already committed to a cleaner future and chosen sustainable ways to live their lives. Suspended high above the snow covered mountains with spectacular views in every direction, diners will have the chance to contemplate the future and whether the view will change drastically in the future or not. By suspending diners above the earth, Kabin 1274 allows diners to think about the precarious situation the world is in when it comes to climate change.

Seats for the dinner are being given away here. All you have to do to be considered is to arrive at Åre in a sustainable manner such as by train or electric vehicle.

“This event points out one of the real issues with our sustainability work as a business, how people actually get to our restaurant. The vast majority of our customers do so by airplane and/or by combustion engine cars. By carrying out these three dinners together with Fortum, we want to do two things. First of all, we want to reward those who have made an active choice in how to get to Åre, second, we want to highlight to all of those who might not think about the fossil free options available to get here, that they are a real possibility.” - Magnus Nilsson

Climate change will affect us all, we know that, we don’t know to what extent. What we do today, no matter how small will have a lasting effect of the lives of future generations. Nilsson as a chef is well known for his sustainable practices at his two Michelin Star restaurant Fäviken Magasinet, just 25 km east of Åre in Western Sweden and Kabin 1274 will also used locally sourced ingredients.

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